Automation, motion control, sensing solutions in the world market

Market abounds in automation, motion control, sensing solutions designed for a wide variety of applications. You can find a huge amount of brands in this field. When it comes to modern industrial applications, of a special importance is the fact that any such solution must be reliable and durable. Any manufacturing enterprise is well aware of the importance of  efficiency, safety and smooth workshop process. The use of cheaper parts may cause suspension of the entire facility, stop the whole production line, as a result you could get long periods of downtime, causing losses.

On the contrary each producer always faces budgetary restrictions and is striving to reduce operating costs. Some entrepreneurs have a temptation to purchase cheaper components and it could solve the problem in the mid-term perspective. More experienced and committed professionals are aware that such insignificant  pinching could cause substantial problems in the future. And the most effective, safe and easy way to save money and maximize yields is to source only high-quality durable parts, as well to invest in your personnel education, to buy only official program tools and to perform well-timed maintenance.

Bonfiglioli is a manufacturing entity established in 1956 with headquarters in Italy, which produces industrial gear motors, drives, planetary units, as well motion control and HMI units on its own facilities. These articles are used in a variety of business sectors, such as construction, pressing equipment, mixing plants, raw material handling, storage equipment, packaging solutions, civil applications and much more. The company also undertakes to provide technical support, training, software updates and any other maintenance services. Bonfiglioli is particularly favorable to development of user-friendly interfaces of the equipment and makes its own products in this field: HMI modules, motion controllers, expansion modules and others.

The U.S. enterprise Dynapar is deeply involved in development and manufacturing of various encoders, which are used in such demanding fields as aerospace, factory automation, medical equipment, oil and gas extraction, steel works, transport and others. The company is engaged in design, production and distribution of all hardware and corresponding IT products.

Megatron is a German supplier of measurement, control and actuation sensors, resistors, electro components and industrial joysticks as well. The company offers a wide range of precision items suitable for severe industrial conditions. Also Megatron is a trusted supplier of components for circuit boards.

Kollmorgen was established in the beginning of the 20th century in New York as a contractor of high-precision telescopes. Over the years the company has launched hundreds of new products. The company is focused on the production of automation systems, electronic motor drives, motors, actuators, motion systems, gearheads and AGV systems. Kollmorgen offers all necessary IT tools for programming each part of any supplied unit, that enables to use all possible options and programming tools in order to suit any application need.

Di-Soric GmbH is an industrial sensors supplier from Germany. The firm develops and produces various precision sensors that are applied in many fields of application. Off course Di-Soric develops all software for its items with a clear and user-friendly interface that can be easily set and programmed for maximum performance.

Pilz is another German supplier of automation units, systems and services, focused on safety automation appliances: sensors, relays, controllers. Pilz develops software solutions required for programming, configuration and commissioning of various systems based on its own apparatus. All software is flexible, easy to use and available in different languages.

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